Daddy speaking!

I originally met Wera Stasiak online through my Beim Späti Spotify playlist for alternative electronic music from Berlin, for which I polled submissions on various Berlin-based music groups on Facebook and elsewhere. Long story short, we got into touch again and agreed upon me remixing here latest release California Daddy. And here it is, in all its glory.

Where did I go this time? I strove to make a dance version, something that could be played in a Berlin club. Did I succeed? It turned out, I was more up for a deep Electronic Pop re-version of this song. Yes, you can and certainly should dance to it, but something of my poppier side resonated and made it a cool, cute, slightly glitchy new interpretation of Wera’s neat song. Who’s ye daddy now?

Listen to California Daddy (Sorry the Hedgehog Remix)