Put your remix up!

Did I dream (or did you)? Yes, barely any time passed, and here is another remix, this time for the fabulous e.no from Berlin. I enjoyed taking apart this treasure of a song, and making it purely my own.

Heads Up!Β is a jazzy pop song with a positive, earnest message. No matter how shitty you might be, failing or achieving – you’re good the way you are. It took up on the very uplifting vibe and message and turned it into a glitchful, almost psycho funky broken-beat weirdness. I pitched, rewound, stopped, chopped and mangled vocals and all kinds of elements from the song and made it a rather wild ride on its own. I even believe this is my best work so far as a remixer and producer. YUM!

Listen to the song here, if you dare. Or enjoy the music video that I created for the remix. That is also wild.