Told you the o-o-o-odds

Some of you might still remember my remix for’s Heads Up! Admittedly, it was noisy, messy, it hit harder than I expected, and it was fun.

I think I was in a similar mood, when I finally put my hands on Never Tell Me The Odds by British The West View alias Jake Griffiths. Jake is also the host of my favourite electronic music radio show Electrodrome. That’s how he got to know my previous remixes, and when he asked me if I wanted to contribute a remix for his upcoming single, I took a deep listen. And fell in love with the distinct end-of-90s/early 00s Indie Pop attitude of Never Tell Me The Odds. Heck, was I happy to remix it.

Truth be told, sometimes if tracks are already too perfect, from my point of view, it’s getting hard to add your own voice to it. And that almost happened here. But I wouldn’t be freaking Sorry if I couldn’t crack this one—and I certainly loved doing it. My remix honours the original and uses as many of the pieces from the original as I could. And out it is, a funky and almost pop-reinterpretation of Jake’s very special song, with a strong dosis of Ghetto Funk, Big Beat and a hint of The Chemical Brothers.

Without further ado — go and have a listen to Never Tell Me The Odds (Sorry the Hedgehog Remix).